Saturday, December 3, 2011

Everyone will Grow Up From Kids to Adult .

Hey Readers , 

There A many Story I want to tell 

This Picture When you Still kid , 
your Parents Arrange your Activity Daily . 
but when you're Grow up . You Parents still Arrange your Activityy 

 This is Your Pic When your Grow Up 
You Try to Be a Social ,  On your Mind 
Its very enough My Parents Organiez my life . 
Tension , Stress it will you feel . When You Married . 
Why yor Parents still Arrange your life . 
Its all about Love , Care . 
I can still Accept my Father membebel to me 
but i can accept you to Membebel to me . You Don't give a Money when i go to school
You Don't give a money when i eat . Its not you . 
I hope you understand . 

#May god bless you .