Friday, March 25, 2011

- meet ASYIKIN :)

hey , tadi i meet ASYIKIN HASSAN , 
best lah , first time i meet her face to face , 
she so damn pretty bukan sesaja tau ikin i nak puji .
but this is are truelly . walaupun i got a headaceh , but went i meet 
you i try to cool down , n we laugh , smile , story ,n, i help her to do blogger . 
cool i can't forget even just a few minute ago . i see her TUMBLR wow ! 
so nice . her like TUMBLR then BLOGGER . syg dia kena balik awal lah . kalau 
tak saya ajar awak lebih banyak dan banyak ! awakk ikin awak mmng the best lah :) 
walaupun kita tak rapat mana tapi i can feell you are so kind girls .